Why I want to teach

I got an email saying I might qualify for a full ride scholarship if I applied. Part of the application was to write an essay of 1500 words or less telling why I wanted to go to school. The result is below

I worked for over twenty years in the computer industry on an associate of arts degree before I decided to complete my degree. This would help me learn current information for my field as well as give me the ability to teach at a community college.

Prior to this decision I taught a basic computer course at a community vocational school. I taught three terms and enjoyed myself thoroughly. One of my students was hired at the firm I programmed for, using the skills I taught her. That was something that made me smile whenever I saw her at work. That was when I decided to finish my bachelors degree.
I went to Colorado Technical University Online to finish my bachelors. The environment was very group oriented with at least one group project a term. Half of the other assignments involved posting a paper on some subject then reading other's posts and commenting on them. I also had to answer any comments on my post, so there was a lot of interaction between students.

I quickly fell in with a group of students that I liked. One was about my age and had experience as a programmer. The other two were younger and had no computer work experience. I usually understood the material right off the bat because a lot of it was either something I had done before or something I had read about and wanted to do. Since I understood it, I usually ended up teaching the material to the others in my group or other students in the class.

I enjoyed this role. It helped me understand the material more thoroughly and gave me more confidence in talking about it. About halfway through my bachelors program and had a conversation with the president of the school, Dr. Peter West. I asked him what I had to do to teach there. Dr West told me to get a masters degree from any school and he would hire me. I went on to finish my bachelors, summa cum laude, 4.0 gpa. I signed up for the masters program and finished that with a 3.89 gpa. Unfortunately Dr. West had moved to the real world CTU, so I did not get hired.

Since that time the economy has gone south and I was layed off. Currently I am updating my programming skills and working on putting together a portfolio for a consulting business. I still would like to teach and probably will someday. The local community college is having funding problems so there are no entry level teaching position there.

I feel like the economy will turn around in a few years and there will be a need for more teachers. If I take this time to finish my education I will be in a better position to teach when the economy is running strong again. This would be something that I could enjoy and I could possibly infect some of my students with the "learning bug" and help them as well.