I dream of Jeannie and her heavy brown DEBRIS ...

Well, Frances is over and she passed directly over my house. I am at approximately 27.1 N 80.1W.

Jeanne looks to be coming through on the same path. Being dead center is better than where a lot of my friends and co-workers in St Lucie county, or my brother in law in Vero.

Here are some pictures I took before Jeanne gets here

This pile of debris you see is just north of my place, on the other altside of those trees

As you can see, there is a lot of debris around, ready to fly away. It is almost like Frances was a setup to make Jeanne as bad as possible. Also there are a lot more people staying around in evacuation zones instead of in shelters.

I pray that God will have mercy on the fools that stay in harms way.
Like me. My house is about ten feet above sea level, about a quarter mile from the intracoastal. I sheltered at my church for Frances, because I did not know what the flooding situation would be like. Apparently the lower courts of my complex did not have any flooding. The eastern end of those courts are about five feet above sea level; my place is about ten feet above. The ground slopes up to 24 feet at the west end of my complex. Between the housing area of the property and the intracoastal is about 70 feet of mangrove swamp.

On the other side of the water is the north end of Jupiter Island, a barrier island that protects the coast of the mainland. They are going to get the worst of the surge. the high point there looks to be about twelve feet, with lots of trees and grassy dunes. We will see how we make out. Here are the tides:

Tides for Port Salerno, Manatee Pocket starting with September 25, 2004.

Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                    Visible

Sa  25      Low   1:57 AM     0.6   7:11 AM     Set  4:02 AM      84
    25     High   7:28 AM     1.2   7:13 PM    Rise  5:47 PM
    25      Low   2:22 PM     0.3
    25     High   8:05 PM     1.2

Su  26      Low   2:52 AM     0.4   7:11 AM     Set  5:07 AM      91
    26     High   8:25 AM     1.3   7:12 PM    Rise  6:24 PM
    26      Low   3:16 PM     0.2
    26     High   8:53 PM     1.3
The eyewall and the worst surge should come around or after 10 pm, so the tide will be going out when the surge hits, thankfully!

One thing that will probably happen after Jeanne is the land crabs will come out and overrun the complex. Hopefully I will not get too many inside my house. It freaks out Buzzy, my dog.

It is 7:38 PM now and we just had a nasty band come through. The trees outside are leaning BAD and creaking. Unbelievably, some birds flew by about a half hour ago.

We still have power, but prolly not much longer. Our apartment is EL shaped, our front door is in the corner of the EL. The door faces SW and is sheltered from the wind to a good degree. We have been outside checking the view. It is cool looking when the transformers blow up. Big bright bluish light, then dark, then the outside floods slowly come back up. OOPS, that last flash must have been between the rest of the grid and us. No more floods outside. The newsguy on the battery powered TV said it is time to go into our safe room. We are still sheltered ok as long as we stay right by the door.

We are in the eyewall now. The last time I was outside it was really bad. Can't wait for the eye. Too bad my camera does not have enough light. The trees are really dancing. That one palm tree is really leaning to the left. That is fine; I hope the one on the right goes too. They are really messy trees.

We drove around in the eye after we cleared the drain in the parking lot. Don't want any flooding if I can help it. Court ten, towards the water from us has water in the parking lot from just inside the entrance all the way to the mangroves. Some trees are down partially blocking the road. One little one was completely blocking the road, but my son and I were able to pull it around so we could get by. Branches everywhere, broken trees, some sheet metal from A/C units on the roof blown down. We went down by the Intracoastal to see how the park fared. The pavillion looked OK but the water was almost up to the road. The debris haulers left a grappler truck and bobcat by the road. The door sprung open and the hood is in Kansas by now. The inside looks blasted.

We are going to go get some sleep while it is quiet.

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Well, we got through a second hurricane,

three weeks to the day after the first one. Kinda amazing, huh? It made landfall just one tenth of a degree north of here. The center of Frances passed about two blocks north of here. What are the odds of that? I am glad to be on the left hand side of both storms.

I was busy the first day after, so the pictures are from Monday, after some clean up took place.

As you can see, the brush piles out on Cove Road pretty much stayed where they were supposed to be. I was concerned the branches from this pile would fly through the trees and hit my house. Glad I was wrong.


Too bad the brush truck left here did not fare as well. We went out in the eye to look around. The hood was missing, the windsield was cracked but still there and the driver door was sprung. My son tried to close it, but could not. Just hope it works when they start hauling debris again. One of the companies left a front-end loader and truck at the pool by my place. This morning I look out and the guy is driving the loader into my parking lot. He cut some branches that were hanging and took the top off a palm tree that was blocking my sidewalk.

One good thing this time around: NO LAND CRABS!